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Highly Motivated, Every Single Day!

Have look at the below sketch and see if this is how you spend a particular day;

Your 6am alarm rings and you wake-up feeling a jolt and irritation. You reach out for the alarm and switch it off and go to sleep again. You wake up again at 7:30am, you are tired and don’t have the energy to get up but you have to otherwise you will be too late for work. So you hurry up with your morning chore and rush to the office. You barely reach the office on time. You spend your day completing pending tasks and new tasks given to you by your boss. You manage your lunch in between and wait in the afternoon for the day to end somehow. In the meanwhile a meeting that was planned for the day got cancelled which upset you, you had arguments with your colleagues over petty issues, you had bumped into a couple of negative people but and started criticising your organization and colleagues and felt angry on the careless attitude of people. On your way back home you got aggressive with a fellow traveller who was not giving you way to move ahead in the traffic. You reached home tired and frustrated and took refuge in TV. You spend your rest of the evening watching TV. You have dinner and go bed at around 10:30-11am with your mobile phone and started surfing the net for news etc. You did not know when you fell asleep….the next thing you hear is the blare of your morning alarm. You reach out for the alarm and switch it off and go to sleep again. You wake up again at 7:30am….and continue your day as above and this goes on for days, weeks, months and years.

Or visualize this;

Your 5am alarm rings and you jump out of your bed with enthusiasm and put-on work-out shoes, head straight to the gym or joggers park for your morning exercise, you end the your exercise routine with a little meditation combined with deep breathing. Coming back, you then go straight to your study and fix the schedule for the day along with preparing the ‘to-do-list’ for the day. Next you freshen up and have your power-breakfast. By the time it is 7:30am and you dress-up and head straight to your work-place. You start spending your day as you have scheduled it executing action points. You have your power-lunch and continue the day completing the items from the to-do-list. Even though you had to cancel a couple of items from your list to make place for unexpected entrants you are not disturbed, you had difference of opinion with a couple of colleagues but you remain calm without getting personal or negative, you had bumped into a couple of negative people but manage your way out without getting ‘infected’, you had witnessed aggression but you steer clear of danger. And, you are back home at 6pm and go to your hang-out place to meet your friends and un-wind a bit. You are then back home at 8pm and have your dinner with your family and then go straight to your study. You think about your day and how it went comparing it with the schedule you had prepared for the day. You make note of things or areas where you need to improve. You then go through your ‘plans under construction’ file which is your ongoing developmental plans and work on it – making additions, improvisations for an hour or so. You then do some social media activities and by the time it is 11pm and you go you sleep. You are in your bed thinking about a day well spent, feeling proud of the way you chase your dreams, you start thinking about your big plans and think about all the excitement waiting for you feel happy and you slip into sleep…the next thing you hear is your the morning alarm ringing and you jump out of your bed with energy and enthusiasm. You put-on work-out shoes, head straight to the gym or joggers park for your morning exercise….and continue your day as above and this goes on for days, weeks, months and years.

All of us have dreams and ambitions in life that we are passionate about. We dream to make it big in life with our capabilities and stand out from the crowd and make prosperity and name for us. We all long for our moments of glory. But we lose our enthusiasm and energy to achieve our dreams faster than they come. We think of achieving things once in a while and try a few things but a couple of weeks down the enthusiasm start petering out and we fall in line with the demands of daily life leaving our dreams and passions behind. However hard we try most people never get on top of their life; they fall short time and again.

But, things are different for a few individuals. They do it all with such ease that their feat will almost look unreal or magical to normal people. It is a cake walk for them to make name, fame and prosperity. The rest of us look at them with admiration and treat them like heroes. The sketch we saw above is that of one such individual. He has his life planned out very well and he goes on with it with the precision and power of a machine and the calmness and focus of a monk – planning executing, calibrating and re-planning, executing. High-fliers are always calm, composed and highly consistent in their behaviour.        

How do they carry the passion, inspiration and energy from days to weeks to months to years? What goes into the making of such people? How do they manage to do it, day in day out? Are they born that way or train them like that over a period of time? Where do they get such energy to take the grinding of life with a smile? How are they able to keep their motivation for years and years? Is it possible for us normal individuals to get to that kind of energy levels?

Most of us will not believe the fact that the process to achieve such high energy, focus and determination is simple. If one can develop the five factors explained below and practice them every single day and master them over a few years one will become the one you dream of becoming.

I call this five point recipe Daily Motivation or DM because I believe a highly productive day or a day well spent is the basic unit of any stupendous achievement. Spending a day productively is like printing a currency note. Spending every day productively means printing notes every day. No one becomes rich, desirable, famous overnight. It takes planning, thinking and execution – just as you have imagines. You might fail once, you might fail twice but you get up and re-work, plan again, execute again. Becoming a high-flier takes pitting in hard work for weeks, months and years. And at the heart it all is a day well spent. Many days well spent. Weeks and years well spent. Let’s see the five aspects involved in the process;

  1. Have a purpose to wake-up cheerfully each morning.

Do you have a dream you will die for? That is where it all begins. You are blessed if you have a dream that doesn’t allow you to sleep. Once you have a dream like that it possesses you. It keeps you ignited all the time. You might sleep for a few hours because you are tired and you want to re-charge your power-cells. But you will jump out of your bed once the moment the morning alarm ring. You are then a continuous flow that stops only occasionally to re-charge. If you are not burning in the fire of your dream you are nothing because a dream can burn and burn for ever such is the power it has, it is a power-house mightier that any nuclear plant. A dream can turn a normal human being into a hero!        

  1. Have the will power to claim what is rightfully yours.

The beauty of a human life is that it can transform itself into anything it wants. There is no limit to what a human being can do. A human being is the best the universe has on offer so far. We own such marvellous faculties like imagination, thinking, language and agility. Our adaptability is amazing and our intelligence is unmatched. Yet, as individuals we achieve so little. The main reason behind this unfortunate state is that we don’t exercise our will power to take our destiny into our own hand. We, individually each of us, don’t claim what is rightfully ours. We don’t see ourselves as human beings, a species that possess immense potential, we only see ourselves as mere people with a burdensome past thus fail to tap into immense potential of human species. We have to have the courage to claim what is rightfully ours.

  1. Focus to not lose sight of your destination

How do you eat an elephant? – bite by bite. Your big dreams can’t be achieved overnight. You have to break them into big pieces and then break the big pieces further into small pieces and small pieces into smaller pieces taking the process to a picture to pixel level. You then start acting upon the smaller pieces building a few pieces a day. You continue like that for days, weeks, months and years like a bird build its nest – one bit a time. After a few years of consistency you start seeing your dreams taking physical shape. But there are two challenges with this process due which most us are not able to build like this;

One – there is the danger of we either losing sight of the big picture or losing focus from our small daily tasks and

Two – the patience and motivation needed to do it on a day in day out basis is immense.

  1. Awareness about the traps of mind

Mind is a strange thing. It can create at a ferocious pace and with equal ferocity it can destroy. It is a beast with no mind of its own. It frightens, creates self-doubt, diverts your attention, zaps you of your vital energy, it creates shadows. It is a double edged sword. It attacks you when you are weak and throws you out of your gear. It smells your vulnerabilities and weaknesses and feasts on them. It doesn’t like you focussing on a single thing at a time because variety is what it thrives on. So, when you try to focus it will start playing tricks on you. It will create distractions for you in the form of lethargy, boredom, nervousness, fear, listlessness. It throw-up hazy, images in front of you to entice you. It acts the devil. You must be aware of this nature of mind to be away from its lures and keep your sight firm on your task in hand.

  1. Energy to work hard

The four factors explained above will need a lot of energy to keep them at work each day. Mind and body are inter-dependent. When your body is weak it cannot execute the heavy designs of your mind. When mind is weak it will lead your body to distractions. We need to have a constant supply of energy both mentally and physically to keep them both active and healthy. Mentally the energy need will be supplied by your dream/s and focus and on a physical level you must not abuse your body in any way and should not deny it care and nutrition it needs.

Practice the above five factors on a daily basis and ride on dreams and enjoy your life which is rightfully yours.

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