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I have always wanted to explore the boundaries of possibilities of being a human. I have always wondered what would have been the aim of human beings in life if working to earn food/shelter/education/accessories was not our sole aim. What would be the aim of our life then? What would people be doing? How would we spend our time?

Would people been going to Churches/Mosques/Temples if it would have not been for the fear of future?

Will our lives change if it is proved that there is life elsewhere in the cosmos? Are we ready for the future? What is future? Isn’t it what we make for ourselves? Is is it predetermined?

What would have happened if there were no formal education system – a system that produces people like products with labels like ‘engineer’, ‘lawyer’, ‘graduate’, ‘doctor’ etc

I have always wondered about the foundations of science. What happens when we take time or any other factor out from a complex equation? How would that change the world? What if we have got it wrong about our understanding of natural forces? Have we discovered everything about nature and natural forces? What is the aim of science? Is it investigation into the unknown or finding out new opportunities and resources for a few people to become rich?

Are we a free-race yet? We work for governments and corporations, like slaves, taking a few thousand dollars for our intellect, energy & time (all limited resources). We go mad over designations, pecking order and benefits. I wonder if that is all to it? Is that all about human evolution, from being chained physically to …being chained intellectually …to being chained spiritually. Is there nothing more to it? Is the struggle over? Are we really free?

I have always wondered about time. What is it? Is it a perception, myth or physical quantity? If it is a physical quantity where and how is it stored? Is it stored in our minds? In the form of thoughts? What will happen if we start believing that there is nothing called ‘time’?

What would have happened if human beings lived for 200 years or more? Would we have invented/discovered more since when a scientist/innovator dies, even a natural death, all that unfinished work dies as well? There would have been much more in that brilliant mind which would ultimately have led us to unravel the secrets of life. Will we ever resolve complex questions like who created us? What/who else is there in the cosmos along with us? Is there a purpose for our lives? What happens to us after death? etc. with a limited lifespan?

I always enjoy playing with such interesting situations and inventive thinking.

I wish if I could start a fundamental research center to ask questions like these and try and get some answers too. I wish if I could connect a community of people who think this way and create a business model that not only will generate business & profits but freedom of thoughts and expressions as well. I am sure such an initiative would be a fertile ground for young minds to bloom with fresh ideas & innovative experiments. It would be exciting for any youngster to grow up this way. I think it is a FRESH PERSPECTIVE. A perspective to take scientific investigation and freedom of human spirit further… 

 I wish if I could do this. I wish if you could help me do this.

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