Positive Selling For You

Abundant Sales Funnel

Every organization, small or big, faces the challenge of making sufficient quantity of good leads to help their sales reps achieve their sales targets month after month. But most organizations struggle in creating such a healthy funnel. Now, you can actually learn from Martin Athanas to create your own sales funnel that will work as your primary and most important sales infrastructure. Martin combines his MLS (Marketing, Leads, Sales) Ratios and BANT to methodology to create a robust and effective Master Funnel that can be shared with your team.



Close More Deals

Martin’s Ten Unique Types of Customers is a work appreciated by many industries for the simple fact that it has classified all types of customers salespeople meet and provides a step-by-step approach to close deals with all the ten types. You can take help from this module as well, you can train your entire sales and give this very outcome-based tool to them and help them hit their targets without fail.



Hit the Bulls Eye!

Like every customer is different every salesperson is also different in their styles of sales and skills sets. Even after you provide general sales training programs to them you must provide them with 1-2-1 coaching to help them reach their full potential. You can get Mr. Martin Athanas to create high performers out of every sales resource that works for you. Every participant is coached on Troubleshooting Sales and Maze Method of Sales Pitch. These 1-2-1 session are tailor made based on the specific needs each of your resource will need including the invaluable motivation to reach for the stars!





 Sales Expert Program

In his endeavour to help professionals to become experts in sales Mr. Martin Athanas conducts a 5 Day Open Program. These programs are available for anyone interested to master sales and become and expert. All topics discussed in the book POSITIVE SELLING are covered in this program through simulated situation specially created to achieve maximum output. Participants receive certificates, placement assistance a FREE BOOK etc

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